ABVP Activists cause Chaos in JNU

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), yet again, witnessed a violent protest by ABVP students following the court summon letters that were pasted on the walls and doors of the hostels of nine students involved in the Najeeb Ahmad case. The JNU student Najeeb had gone missing from his hostel Periyar since October 16 last year.

On Thursday afternoon, a group of ABVP members carried out a demonstration in front of the Dean of the Students office demanding an adequate “protection” to the nine accused in the Najeeb Ahmad case. Incidentally, these are also the students who had assaulted Najeeb prior to his disappearance. The demonstration turned violent and resulted in the breaking of glass doors and flower pots out the Dean of the Students office.

The CBI officials who came over there to serve the notice to assaulters of Najeeb faced hurdles to do so, but the student fraternity acted on time and the notices were served to the ABVP goons, said Mohit K Pandey, former JNU students’ union president.

While JNU student’s union former general secretary Satarupa Chakraborty has pointed out the biases of the administration towards the accused students.

“In JNU, the administration has been politically shielding those ABVP goons misusing the “power” vested with the administration, instead of taking any proper action on the act of such serious violence. Here, the JNU administration under the leadership of Mr Jagadesh Kumar has given full impunity to the assaulters of Najeeb. Exceeding all limits of such open political shielding, this time, the Associate Dean of Students -Mr. Buddha Singh, who is also the warden of Periyar hostel, tried to stop CBI from serving notices to the members of ABVP which was directed to CBI by the Delhi High Court”, she said.

“Whenever the students protested against the biasness of the administration towards Najeeb’s assaulters, the administration has countered them with fake cases”, Satarupa added.

“Recently 15 students have been framed for they were opposing UGC Gazette, Show cause notices were served from the Proctor’s office to students including the former JNUSU Joint Secretary Tabrez Hasan for supposedly ‘manhandling’ Mr. Buddha Singh who showed the audacity to raid even girls hostels violating the established rules and procedures of the university. Whereas full impunity is given to Najeeb’s assaulters,” she pointed out the recent incidents.

On October 16, the Patiala Court had asked CBI to seriously investigate and issue notices to the nine accused as the investigating agency had failed to produce any new leads in the case.



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