AAP’s Somnath Bharti Arrested For Assaulting AIIMS Security Guards

Somnath Bharti after his formal arrest.

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s most controversial lawmaker, Somnath Bharti was arrested over charges of assault and provocation to damage property. He is the second AAP leader to be arrested in two days after Amanatullah Khan.

Mr Bharti, 42, has been arrested for allegedly misbehaving with security guards at Delhi’s AIIMS hospital earlier this month,he has also tweeted about his own arrest.

Mr Bharti is out on bail in a case of domestic violence filed by his wife last year.

AIIMS or the All India Institute of Medical Sciences had filed a complaint alleging that he and 27 of his supporters of misbehaved with guards on September 6.

“Bharti provoked the mob to damage the fence of the hospital… to give access to unauthorised persons inside AIIMS property and also misbehaved with security personnel,” said the complaint.

Mr Bharti called the charges false and said that AIIMS had denied “legitimate access” to people. “The wall will have to go in larger interest of residents, come what may,” said the legislator.

Bharti was ex- law minister in AAP’s previous 49-day government and exited the party facing ridicule and criticism with his vigilantism; he was accused of leading a midnight raid during which Nigerian women were attacked by a mob that accused them of running a sex and drugs racket.