“If Jyotiraditya Scindia thinks he is still Maharaj, public will teach him a lesson”

When Jyotraditya Scindia comes to Jabalpur, he orders senior leaders of the Congress party to stand and when he visits Ujjain, he orders Noori Khan to not sit on the podium. It may be possible he can thrash anybody in a future rally. Elections are just on the corner in Madhya Pradesh, Congress is not in power for last 15 years. If congress is still alive in the state, it is due to workers of the party who has swallowed the poisonous insult.

If congress is still surviving in the state, it is due to the perpetual efforts of congress workers who has seen every oppression from the ruling party. But Sindhiya is a Maharaj, who does not know how to deal with common public or activist. This can be a very big problem for the party in the coming elections. The basic problem is his attitude, Sindhiya can say anything to anyone at any point of time which can be a huge insult for many.

Very often, Sindhiya forgets that the state is not his property, in the definition of democracy, it is called the public court. Islahuddin Ansari wrote in his facebook post that Congress is in opposition but if this attitude prevails, Congress will lose whatever it still has in MP. He said that it is necessary for Congress president to take charge in his own hand. He believes that Congress can do miracle if Rahul Gandhi takes charge in MP.