MSO gets world praise for helping Syrians

Imam Ahmad Raza Movement and Asra Foundation’s delegation led by Muslim Students Organization of India, India’s largest Muslim student organization has provided financial and life support for Syrian war victims and displaced people. A three-member delegation from Delhi reached Jordan-Syria border via Amman.

Mufti Khalid Ayub Misbahi, who arrived in Jordan as a coordinator of the delegation told that he broke his fast of Ramzan with orphans and gave relief material. It is important to note that terrorists have made the country unstable by the last five years in Syria. The government of Syria is constantly struggling for the match.The situation of the country is really bad. Five million of Syrian population is displaced while total population of the country is 25 million.

Not only that, there are about 1.35 million people in Syria who are in urgent need. The number of Syrian refugees in Jordan is approximately 19 lakh 20 thousand.

In this hour of crisis, Muslim Students Organization of India and Imam Ahmad Raza Movement in India have gone to help Syrians. As a result, a three-member delegation of organizations traveled to the Syrian border. Mufti Khalid Ayoub Misbahi, Dr. Owais Hassan of Asura Foundation from Nagpur and Syed Irshad from Bengaluru have arrived with this help.
They said that this is the first time that such a big help has been received from India for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. This organization will help around two and a half thousand families and return to India after one week.

The delegation has arranged for food, essential medicines, water, and clothing in relief material.Muslim Students Organization of India is getting a lot of praise for its efforts to help Syrians.