Nirav Modi is not an absconder, he went out of India for business purpose: Nirav Modi’s lawyer

Nirav Modi’s lawyer has refuted the claim made by media and agencies. He said that his client is not a fugitive. Speaking to a news agency, Vijay Agrawal said,”Please explain to me who is a fugitive? He has been summoned to either appear in person or through authorised representatives. You have branded him as a fugitive on what basis, please tell me. There are so many people who are out of country because they have global business.”

The lawyer also said that the strategy, in this case, will be worked out once the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) files charge-sheet. “After CBI charge sheet comes out, of course, one will face it. The fate of the case is ‘khoda paahad, nikali chuiya’. I have seen each and every bank document, so each fulcrum of this case’s basis is wrong,” he added.

He said that his client is not an absconder and he went out of the country for “business purpose”. He said,”This is your perception that he is absconder. He is not absconding. He has a global business and he went out of India for business purpose. Now his passport has been revoked. His family members, some of them are foreign nationals, also stay abroad most of the time.”

Niravi Modi and Gitanjali Gems Chairman and Managing Director Mehul Choksi have been accused of cheating the PNB to the tune of over Rs. 11300 crores.