“Healthcare has to be of good quality”, says Prime Minister

Itanagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Arunachal Pradesh today. He said,”Most of the key departments are based in the new secretariat. This makes it easier for people coming from distant villages because they do not need to move from one place to another. Everything is in one place only. Coordination and convenience are enhanced.”

He also said that he is the first PM after Morarji Desai to attend the North East Council meeting. He said,”Morarji Desai was the last PM to attend the North East Council meeting, no PM got the time to attend it after that. They became very busy. But I have come because of you. That’s why I went to attend the North East Council meeting.”

He talks about healthcare also. He said,”Healthcare has to be of good quality and it must be affordable. We are working towards building medical colleges across the country. This is because, when one studies in a particular area, one becomes better acquainted with the local health challenges.” Modi also said,”Why should meetings only be held in the national capital. We must go to all states and that is why I came to Shillong for a Northeastern Council meeting and an important meeting related to agriculture was held in Sikkim.”

Prime Minister said,”I am personally going to tell people- go to Arunachal Pradesh and hold your important meetings at the convention centre.”