“Friends create illusion,… we must beware of such situations..”

Former Rajasthan Chief Minister and Congress General Secretary Ashok Gehlot had cautioned state party chief Sachin Pilot of “friends who make the Pradesh Congress Committee President chief minister in waiting.” He also told Pilot and anyone who falls for such talks is “unable to get the correct feedback” from the ground.

Ashok Gehlot while talking to a news channel has said that when Sachin Pilot became the President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee, he advised him to not fall up on illusions. He said,”When Sachin Pilot became the PCC President, he came to meet me. I asked him to take care of this things.” “There are friends who create this illusion. One does not get the correct feedback if one starts to believe in it. We must beware of such situations,” the former CM added.

Gehlot has played an important role in the Congress’ performance in Gujarat Assembly polls last year, though he clarified that does not sought any position for himself. He said,“I have had the fortune of being trusted by Congress leaders from Indiraji to Rajivji, Soniaji and now Rahul ji. I have never lobbied for anything. Whatever high command decides, I will do.”

It is believed that Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot are the strong contenders for the post of CM candidate of Congress.


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