North Indian tourists are trying to convert Goa into a Haryana: Goa Minister


Panaji: Goa Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai has evoked a controversy by saying that north Indian tourists want to create a Haryana in Goa. Speaking at the Goa Biz Fest on Friday, the Minister said it was difficult for a state that was “superior” to the rest of India vis-a-vis most social indices to control “irresponsible tourists” coming from other states.

He said that Goans are superior that other Indians. He said,”Your Chief Minister is pushing to increase tourists coming into Goa. Today, we receive tourists who are almost six times the state’s population. Those tourists are not the top-end tourists. They are also the scum of the earth”.

He said,””We are dependent on north Indians and this is what they do. They are not bothered about Goa. They will like to recreate a Haryana in Goa.” He also added that North Indians are irresponsible. “Are they responsible? Are they conscious? They are not. If You compare Goans to the rest of India, we are very high in per capita income, social and political consciousness, health parameters, and many other parameters. So, we are much superior than people who are coming in. Those people — how will you control?” the Minister added.

Sardesai also made shocking comments about tourists from north India, “who were trying to convert Goa into a Haryana”.