Shiv Sena to BJP- ‘We will show you the film in 2019’

Sanjay Raut

New Delhi: Yesterday’s by-election results were a major setback for the BJP. It has lost two Lok Sabha seats and one Vidhan Sabha seat in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, Lok Sabha elections were held in the seats of Ajmer and Alwar and in both of these seats the Congress has secured a big victory.

Not only Congress, Shiv Sena is also happy with the results. The Shiv Sena, which has criticised plans like demonetization and GST, has openly opposed several BJP policies. The party has severely criticised the BJP on cow-vigilantism. In Maharashtra, Shiv Sena has already announced that he will contest separate elections and will not have any kind of coalition from the BJP. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said,”Gujarat elections were a trailer and #RajasthanByPoll the interval, now the film we will show in 2019. No question of going back from our resolution of fighting alone in 2019, once arrow has left the bow it doesn’t come back.”

He has also commented about the budget and said,”Jaitley’s #UnionBudget2018 was fantastic but only on paper. Farmers are committing suicide, it won’t be suitable to comment about it’s implementation so soon.”