If you’re a Hindu vote me, a Muslim vote Congress: BJP Leader

Alwar: Some analysts regularly say that after the formation of Modi government, religious animosity is on rise. The level of politics is going down and down. Another low in politics can be seen in Alwar. Lok Sabha elections to be held in Alwar in Rajasthan in a few days time and the campaigning is just gaining momentum. But BJP leader has made it clear that his party is not going to contest this election on the issue of development. BJP ccandidate Dr Jaswant Yadav, who is also Labor and Employment Minister, said in a viral video that if you’re Hindu vote me, and if you’re a Muslim, vote Congress candidate Karn Singh.

Jaswant Yadav said in the video,”When I went to the villages of Mewat, I was welcomed. The people of Meow society said that they will vote to me but they will never vote for BJP. BJP is a party of Hindus…. If you are a Hindu then vote for me, if you are a Muslim then give (your vote) to Karan Singh. ”

Huge violations of code of conduct was also seen. In frot of Jaswant Yadav itself, his supporter Devendra Yadav told that whatever car you take for the nomination, they will pay the rent and so, there is no need to panic anyone. It is to be noted that the situation in Alwar is tense since the murder of Asha Khan in the name of Gau-Raksha.