Top Four Beverages To Detox Your Liver And Lose Weight


With recurring health issues like obesity and all sorts of toxins around us, it becomes utterly necessary to protect our liver. Air pollution, contaminated food and dirty water contribute in making our body a dump yard of junk and the liver no less than a dustbin. We cannot change our surrounding beyond a particular extend. But we sure can detoxify our liver on our own with certain remedies.

So, after a day of eating all sorts of junk getting exposed to the polluted environment, you need a powerful detox drink at the end of the day to rejuvenate your organs.

The top 4 beverages for detoxification of the liver and weight loss are as under

1. Chamomile tea
One of the best drinks for your liver, chamomile tea is easy to digest and carries whole lot of anti-oxidants which help in detoxifying the liver. The sedative properties of chamomile tea help in releasing stress and also improve the quality of sleep hence making it a highly recommended beverage for the late evening hours.

For preparation just boil a cup of water and add a handful of chamomile flowers to it. Cool it a bit and drink. Repeat the same for at least two weeks to see the results.

2. Lukewarm lemon water
Warm water with lemon is recommended during the early hours of the day but, its benefits will remain the same even when you have it at night. Lemon is known for detoxifying the liver and cleansing the entire body in a go.

For preparation, just heat a glass of water and add the juice of half a lemon to it. Mix it well and drink half an hour before bed. Repeat the same for three consecutive weeks for results.

3. Ginger and lemon tea
Ginger and lemon combined is the perfect recipe for weight loss. Vitamin C and antioxidants in the two ingredients together work well in eliminating toxins and improving body metabolism. The two work well in reducing abdominal swelling as well.

For preparation, boil a cup of water and add a slice of ginger and half a lemon juice to it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and cool to room temperature. Drink it thrice a week to see results.

4. Mint tea
After a hearty and fulfilling dinner, you need something to digest your food. Here we recommend a warm and soothing cup of mint tea. Essential oil in mint leaves improve the body’s ability to eliminate waste. The menthol in mint leaves detoxifies the liver as well.

For preparation, boil 20 grams of mint leaves to a glass of boiling water. After stooping the leaves in for a while, strain it and cool to room temperature. Drink half an hour before bed and do the same for 3 days in a week.




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