Exercise the Right Way

Exercise is a very important part of the daily schedule for most of the people. There are various types of physical exercises that people can opt for and keep themselves healthy and fit. Some people like to go the gym or health clubs whereas some people love doing outdoor activities like running, jogging and walking or playing any outdoor sport like cricket, football, badminton, etc. Though the exercises may vary but the basics remain the same in all the cases. There are certain things that you need to remember before and after the workout session. This will help to prevent injuries and dislocation of the body parts due to workouts.exercise-main
Tips to exercise in the right manner

The cases of people suffering from dislocations and injuries have increased of late and there are a number of people suffering from the after effects of workouts.

 Urban India is witnessing a silent epidemic of fractures, dislocations and muscle injuries among those people who play games or work out.

More and more people are hitting the gym these days for getting in shape or reducing weight. Sometimes the exercise causes more damage than good. If you want to play it safe and prevent such unwanted injuries, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

Wear Protective Equipment:

This is the first thing that you need to take care of while exercising. You must wear appropriate protective equipment according to the kind of exercise you do. Whether you play cricket or go to the gym, you must be ready with your protective equipment.

Use equipment according to the sport you are playing. Cricketers should wear gloves, pad and abdomen guards, a helmet, thigh pads, arm guard and also the right kind of footwear that makes you comfortable and at ease.

Mouth guard should be worn in contact sports and specially designed impact absorbing shoes for running.

Footballers must use shin guards and ankle supports that help to prevent bruises and sprains. Therefore, you must neglect the importance of protective equipment and use them while doing your regular physical activity.workout-routines-for-women2

Warm Up First:

This is another reason why people suffer from a lot of injuries and dislocation after their workout sessions.

Warm up is very essential before doing any kind of physical activity. It helps to bring the body in rhythm for your workout.

Warm up with quick dynamic stretches, where you stretch as you move.

Perform muscle stretches by extending gently until you feel a slight pull, then hold the position for a few seconds. Consult a trainer if you have any questions.

Warming up is extremely necessary in especially cold weather in the mornings as it ensures enhanced blood circulation. When you warm up, your body parts like the ligaments, tendons become more elastic and are less likely to wear and tear.

Warming up gradually and carefully is also important if you take a break from the gym. It’s worth taking 10 minutes for a warm up rather than suffering from sprains and bruises later on.

Beginner’s Take Care:

Beginners are more prone to such problems due to lack of proper guidance and strategies for workouts. Such people are usually very eager to work out or go to the gym. They forget the certain basics that are very essential to be done before doing any kind of physical activity.

They tend to neglect the basic principles and just go all out.

According to fitness experts, you must walk briskly for 30 minutes. Focus should be given to cardiovascular exercises. These exercises include aerobics, kick boxing, running, jogging, cycling and swimming.

By doing the above mentioned exercises your body will become more receptive to the workouts after you start at the gym. The key thing that you should remember is that the process of exercising should be gradual and not in a hurry.20130603191832-Hindu-Squats2

Focus On Your Fitness:

According to renowned fitness expert, cardiovascular workouts should be made a regular part of your daily workout regime especially if you are into body building.

Moderate to heavy training requires a strong heart and well- conditioned vascular respiratory system to cope and tackle the strain of lifting weights.

Lack of cardio workouts will make you prone to quite a few problems. There should be a good balance between weight training for strength and shape; cardio for fitness and stamina and stretching for overall flexibility.

Find a Qualified Instructor:

You must hire a qualified instructor for yourself. The instructor will give you the much needed advice concerning the workout and health.

An instructor will help you to exercise in the right way and take the necessary precautions to avoid sprains and bruises.

You will be under proper guidance and be able to take good care of your health and diet that you should take. Therefore, it is very important that you hire a qualified instructor for yourself.

Drink  Plenty of Water:

Water is essential for anyone who works out, because it helps the body to get rid of toxins that are released from your muscles during a typical workout session.

It also helps to rehydrate the body because you sweat a lot and your muscles can dehydrate and start to cramp.

Drink plenty of water before doing any kind of work out. If you do so just before a workout, water won’t be absorbed quickly enough to help your body. Also take small sips of cold water during breaks.

And after you have finished exercising, drink some more water.

Therefore, I hope that the above mentioned tips will help you in your quest to stay fit and healthy for life. The above mentioned tips will help you to exercise in the correct manner and prevent injuries. You will surely benefit from the tips that I have mentioned only if you do this regularly.