Yemeni Forces Target Riyadh Airport with Ballistic Missile


    Yemeni revolutionaries fire a ballistic missile on Saudi airport in the capital, Riyadh, late Saturday.

    Rocketry force in the Yemeni army and the Popular committees said it had targeted King Khalid international airport in Riyadh with a long distance Borkan H2 ballistic missile.

    “Our Yemeni forces succeeded in launching a missile, a Borkan H2 long distance missile, at the King Khalid international airport in north eastern Riyadh which was in response to the massacres committed by the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen,” said Colonel Aziz Rashed, a spokesman for the Yemeni army, early on Sunday.

    For its part, Saudi Ministry of Defense claimed the missile was intercepted over northeast Riyadh, according to a statement carried on Saudi Al-Arabiya television.

    Meanwhile, Saudi activists on social media said they had heard a loud and “scary” sound in the capital, voicing fear and asking whether the sound was caused by an earthquake.

    Later on Saturday Riyadh airport tweeted that it hadn’t been affected, claiming that the movement there was “going on as normal and usual.”