Terrorists from Syria, Iraq likely to be ousted to Afghanistan: Kazakh president

    By Times Headline Writer

    The President of Kazakhstan has warned that the terrorists from Syria and Iraq will likely be ousted to Afghanistan as pressures on the rise due the military operations.

    President Nursultan Nazarbayev made the remarks during an interview with the Japanese journalists in the run-up to his official visit to Japan, according to Russia’s TASS News.

    “The more pressure on those terrorists in Iraq and Syria, the more they are eager to leave for Afghanistan,” Nazarbayev said. At the same time, he noted that no threat existed for regional security so far, saying “there are not any visible threats as of today, there are no such fears.”

    “Turkmenistan has the longest border with Afghanistan, followed by Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As far as I know, everything is calm in those states, but they have been taking some measures,” he said.

    The remarks by Nazarbayev came as there are concerns that the terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan are attempting to expand their insurgency to the Central Asian countries.

    The Central Asian leaders as well as Russia are mainly concerned regarding the attempts made by ISIS loyalists to expand foothold in the country despite the Afghan and US forces conduct regular counter-insurgency operations to eliminate the terror group.

    The Afghan and coalition forces officials earlier warned that the ISIS loyalists are attempting to turn the Nangarhar province into a regional operational base and establish the Khurasan Caliphate in the region.


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