Are Rohingyas been expelled from India because they are Muslims?


Rohingyas are state less people because Myanmar has denied giving them citizenship. Many of them are residing in Rakhine where they lack basic facilities.

Rohingya were living in Myanmar but they were forced to leave Myanmar because they claimed that Rohingya killed nine of their border police in October 2016 which lead to crackdown on Rakhine State and Rohingya were mistreated and were tortured so they fled to other countries such as Bangladesh and India to save their lives. Approximately 40,000 Rohingya are taking shelter in India because hundreds of Rohingya have lost their lives so far.

Many debates and discussions are going on about the Rohingyas living in India, many say they should go back as they believe they have links with ISIS and some also have links with Pakistan based terror outfits. If it had been so? Then they had carried some attacks or had been involved in some illegal activities so far. India and Myanmar are politicizing this issue by giving harsh statements.

40% of the villages in which Rohingyas ones used to live are now empty. How can Nobel Prize winner be so ignoble she even blocked UN aid to Rohingyas.

Majority of Rohingyas are Muslims and of course they are paying for that only. Now let me remind you of some statements that came over Rohingya issue.

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi said, Rohingya issue is similar to India’s Kashmir issue. Was she trying to say that Kashmiris are terrorist so are Rohingyas?

When India itself claims that 95% of people in Kashmir are peace loving only 5% of people are creating fuss.

If it is not about religion then why are you coming up with such statements? Don’t fool the Nation and your own people because people are much wise and active.

Minister of State for Micro, small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh, “said Pakistan should take away Rohingyas as Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar is fond of them.”
Why should only Pakistan keep Rohingyas, peace loving nations should try to settle their issues and they should allow them to settle wherever they have taken refuge till their problem is settled with the country they belong. This should be the approach towards Rohingyas.

By giving such statements only proves how much hatred is in the hearts of some people regarding Muslims, you can’t label all Muslims as terrorists. Try to keep religion away from politics.

Many countries stood up in favour of Rohingyas but still San Suu Kyi’s heart didn’t melt to stop crisis against Rohingyas which is really unfortunate on her part. “Change yourself first otherwise wise people will change you by casting their voting.”

By: Hanain Sikander Wani 

Source:voice of wadi 



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