Religious nationalism risks pushing India Into War: Chinese Media


NEW DELHI:  The Chinese media has ratcheted up its discourse against India, this time by taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and what it calls “Hindu nationalism”.

An editorial piece in Global Times, a state-run Chinese daily, said “The election of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has fueled the country’s nationalist sentiments and Modi took advantage of rising Hindu nationalism to come to power.”

The editorial said, “Modi on one hand, has enhanced his prestige and ability to control the country, but on the other, has made India more subject to the influence of conservatives, thus hampering reform.”

Asking New Delhi to be careful, the editorial which is known for its harsh stance said, “India should be careful and not let religious nationalism push the two countries into war”.

New Delhi has been trying to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels. Today, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said that other nations back India in the stand-off. “India has not said anything unreasonable” and “all countries are in India’s support,” Ms Swaraj said.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha today over the months-long border standoff with China in Sikkim’s Doklam area, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj issued a stern warning to Beijing, saying India is well equipped to defend itself.

“Over the years, China has been trying to get closer and closer to where the tri-junction point ends. It has done things like repair roads, re-tar them and things like that,” Sushma Swaraj said while responding to a question in the Upper House on the India-China border dispute.
China claims on June 16, Indian troops crossed the border at Sikkim to stop the construction of a road it was building on Donglang plateau, which it claims as its own territory. Bhutan claims ownership of the area, which is known as Doklam plateau in India.

Since June 2017, India and China’s military are on standoff in Sikkim over border dispute, wherein the tri-junction Doklam area between India-Bhutan-China which belongs to Himalayan state is allegedly claimed by China as their territory.


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