President Obama Invites Ahmed (And His Homemade Clock) To White House

After learning about the disgusting way a Texas school handled a 14-year-old’s science project, President Obama told the student he was welcome to show it off at the White House.

A 14-year-old Muslim boy named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested and given a school suspension for bringing in a clock he had made from scratch to show to his engineering class. While his project was a big hit in class, another teacher reportedly notified the principal that she believed Mohamed’s project was meant to be a bomb. He was eventually pulled from class and placed under arrest by police officers.

Knowing how important it is for America’s continued prosperity, President Obama has spent his time in office consistently urging children to take an interest in science and technology. He’s now putting his money where his mouth is. As the rest of the nation shook their heads in disbelief at the ugly Islamophobia that led to this boy’s arrest and school suspension, Obama sent a message to Ahmed from Twitter praising him for his interest in science.president-obama-invites-ahmed-and-his-homemade-clock-to-white-house

He also asked Ahmed if he would like to show it to him personally at the White House.

As we’ve come to expect, President Obama managed to strike just the right tone in his response. Not only does it show that Obama – who knows a thing or two about real bomb threats – doesn’t fear a 14-year-old with a clock, but he is aware of how important it is to make sure Ahmed and others like him stay interested in learning. Suspending a kid for being excited about a homemade science project can kill his or her ambition, and maybe a personal meeting with the president can offset some of that damage.

Current presidential contender Hillary Clinton also had supportive words for Ahmed.president-obama-invites-ahmed-and-his-homemade-clock-to-white-house

On the flip side, so far the Republican field has been notably silent. Even Sen. Ted Cruz, who is from Ahmed’s state of Texas, hasn’t said one word about the injustice happening in his backyard. One wonders if it is that Ahmed is Muslim, or that he is interested in science, or that he has the support of President Obama that keeps them from standing with him. It might just be all three.

It would be great to see Ahmed take the president up on his offer. It may even serve as an inspiration to other children who, now more than ever, feel that being interested in science or excited to learn is a potentially bad thing. Let’s make this meeting happen!


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