Preparation for ‘World Hijab Day’ begins, ‘Women see the Hijab as pride of Islam’

    “World Hijab Day” started from 2013 is going to knock next month. On February 1, Muslim women and girls from all over the world celebrate ‘Hijab Day’. The intention of celebrating Hijab is that every woman shows a kind of solidarity with Islam and makes every woman aware of Islam. Like every year, this year too there has been a wave of happiness in the hijab day celebrations.

    Every woman sees Hijab as the pride of Islam and on Hijab Day, Muslim women from all over the world are inspired to wear the hijab. These women consider the hijab as the most precious gift of Islam, not a restriction. On this day Muslim women consider themselves ‘beautiful’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘strong’ by wearing hijab and make every woman aware. Hijab Day is now just 2 weeks left. Muslim women are now campaigning for the event on social media.

    On ‘World Hijab Day’, Women from all over the world display solidarity with Muslim women. Beginning in 2013, ‘World Hijab Day’ is celebrated to show solidarity with Muslim women all over the world. ‘World Hijab Day’was started by Najma Khan in 2013. Najma told in an interview with ‘OK Africa’ that she started it with an effort to inspire social change.