PM breaks his silence over Gau Rakshak but takes no action


    Times Headline Correspondent
    PM Modi has broken his silence over the atrocities committed by Gau rakshaks over Dalits and Muslims. Issue was raised in formal interaction and PM replied that he disliked it and he got angry over these actions.

    “I get so angry at those who are into the Gau-Rakshak business. A Gau-Bhakt (cow devotee) is different, Gau Seva (cow protection) is different. I have seen that some people are into crimes all night and wear the garb of Gau Rakshaks in the day,” PM Modi said, answering a question at the interactive session to mark two years of his MyGov initiative.

    PM Modi said he would urge states to prepare a dossier of so-called Gau Rakshaks. “70-80% will be those who indulge in anti-social activities and try to hide their sins by pretending to be Gau Rakshaks. If they are true protectors, they should realise that most cows die because of plastic, not slaughter. They should stop cows from eating plastic.”