With Pakistan changing for better, do we call for a South Asian reunion of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh?


    Tables are turning around the Indian subcontinent. It was Pakistan who, for some time ago, did not tolerate listening to any Indian recommendation, while people are now seriously deliberating over it. That’s why Pakistan is turning over a new leaf.

    Pakistani common man desires to initiate friendship with India. All political monopolies still exist, yes they are very much there, however common man has opened his eyes to the truth after 5 long decades of sleep.

    Pakistan is a country where the intellectuals had very little rights first. The participation of Hindus has increased in the elections. The old temples are being restored. The historic figure of Buddha was spent three million dollars and was then reinstated. It happened in Pakistan that the world calls a terrorist country. In that terrorist country, the party of Hafiz Saeed does, miserably failed and never got a single seat. This does not mean that Pakistan has left India behind. This means that there is a change in wind and we should welcome this change.

    Pakistan & India Today

    On the other side we, living in the so called “secular” nation, see that the participation of our minorities in the parliament, is on a further decline year by year. Due to the activism of the fundamentalist orthodox class, which has strengthened the arrogance of the fundamentalist parties. All of these orthodox, communal hatred possessing parties only care about issues that will pressurize the minorities to either hide their identity or leave the country.