Mamata’s bitter rant against police force

    Kolkata:Is the Trinamool Congress headed for the exit door after just one bite at the power cherry? Predicting election outcomes is always fraught with danger, even more so in such a tight contest. But telltale signs and Trinamool Congress chief’s own behaviour in the last few days suggest that West Bengal may be in for the mother of all surprises on 19 May (the day of the results).

    For a doughty, firebrand leader, it made for strange viewing when the chief minister on Sunday launched an explosive tirade against her own police force which is temporarily under the command of EC. She claimed that police has unleashed “a reign of terror” in the state and will face “consequences” if she returns to power. And in what is being seen as a barely concealed attack against new top cop Soumen Mitra, the chief minister said officers enjoying power for 15 days should not take it for granted.

    “If someone is given a responsibility for just 15 days and starts thinking their life’s dream of wearing a gold crown will be fulfilled, that is the biggest mistake,” Mamata thundered during an election rally in Chandipur, around 110km from Kolkata.

    “I am gentle to those who are good, but if anybody shows red eyes to me, then he will have to face the consequences.”

    Incidentally, the chief minister had reinstated some officers whom the EC had removed after the 2014 General Elections was done.

    The TMC supremo also accused the police of being “cowards” and said they were working at the behest of a ‘grand coalition’ of CPM, Congress and the BJP.

    “I am the chief minister of the state, even I could not sleep for two-three nights due to police tandav (mayhem). The paramilitary forces are being egged on by some coward police personnel. These coward policemen have worked at the behest of Congress, CPI(M) and BJP.

    She also threatened retribution.

    “I have kept a record of everything, what each has done, whether good or bad. I will give appropriate answer for all the atrocities if I am alive,” Mamata said at the rally in east Midnapore on Sunday.

    “Those responsible will have to face the consequences. Election Commission’s duty is to ensure free and fair poll, but they have unleashed terror with the help of a section of police officers,” she warned.


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