Eid blood in Dhaka : Media published Photo-Shop Pictures ?


New Delhi- 16th Sep 2016 – Times Headline Staff

Contradictory pictures have emerged on Social Media after News reports of Dhaka roads filled with animal blood were published in Media.

Some pages on Facebook have proved that it was use of photo-shop software to color the rainy water on the roads of Dhaka and it as irresponsible journalism by Media to use these pictures with out verification.

Compare following pictures.

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Media misled the readers?
It may be noted that Media houses had shared stories about Blood on Dhaka street without verifying the pictures.

The story titled,”Bangladesh: Rivers of blood run through Dhaka after animal sacrifices’‘ published by CNN is one such story based on unverified pictures.

India Today in its story, ”How Dhaka streets transformed into blood streams after Eid sacrifices and rain” wrote, Horrific streams of blood were seen on Dhaka streets after Eid-al-Adha celebrations on Tuesday.

The Quint in its story titled, Paying the Price for Eid: Rivers of Blood Flow Through Dhaka also published these unverified pictures.

These unverified pictures have created doubt in the minds of readers regarding authenticity of News.
One thing in common is that almost all of these News Websites have taken pictures from Twitter user Edward Rees without verification.

Times Headline acknowledge that Blood mixed with rainy water created Blood river like situation in many parts of the City but that does not mean every picture is real and authentic. Media must take caution while sharing the pictures from Social Media.


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