Gunmen storm Saudi National Guard building in Taif


    Gunmen stormed a building belonging to the Saudi National Guard in the western city of Taif late on Wednesday, Saudi media reported on Thursday.

    Activists posted on social networking sites showed that the security alert was still in the vicinity of the building, amid reports of gunmen holed up inside.

    Saudi news websites also confirmed the killing of a traffic man who used to do his usual work on Abu Bakr road in Taif after he was attacked by unknown assailants who stabbed him several times before he took his weapon and took his vehicle to the 60th Street.

    The wanted men were spotted near a building of the National Guard In the Shahar neighborhood. They exchanged fire with the security forces and one of them was injured while his entourage was arrested.

    Later, journalist Anad al-Otaibi said that the security services had arrested two of the gunmen involved in the attack, while the Saudi Interior Ministry or the Taif police had not issued any clarification until the time of writing this report.