Dainik Jagran & Hindu Post wrongly blame Muslims for Violence in Bijnor


Special Correspondent18th Sep 2016
BIJNOR : As the aftermath of the clashes between Muslims and Jats in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor district on Friday, three people have died and several others have been injured.

One of the most astonishing aspect of the outrageous incident was the communication of incorrect information by leading national publications and right wing news websites.

Dainik Jagran, one of the esteemed national dailies reported,Girls from the Kachhpura and Naya villages in Bijnor take buses from the Peda village to go to school. People from the village claim that men belonging to the minority community have been harassing schoolgirls for some days now. On Friday morning, an incident of eve-teasing led to an altercation. This blew out of control leading to stone pelting and firing.” Later Jagran did provide a clarification of the incorrect facts.

However, this only provoked rage and anger as the facts were presented in an unclear manner.

Umesh Kumar Srivastav, Superintendent of Police, Bijnor in a statement to the media, “A Muslim girl was harassed by boys belonging to the Jat community. It led to a clash after which members of the Jat community fired bullets, killing 3 people. Twelve more suffered injuries and are recovering.”

Stirring up religious emotions, another web portal called hindupost.in created a paradoxical news story, portraying it as a case of Hindu girls being harassed by Muslim boys and the girls’ family members protesting in retribution.

A molestation bid on Hindu girl students has spiraled into communal violence leaving 4 people dead and several injured today in Paida village, Bijnore district, Western UP.” said hindupost.in

This desperate action of smearing false accusations on the face of the Muslim Community spells a fact. The fact that, Muslim community has been portrayed as the perpetrators of violence, rather than the true victims of the entire incident.

Right Wing politics is stooping to lowest levels as is seen in the incident, where women safety is not of concern at all just because the woman harassed belonged to the Muslim Community.

What sort of a conclusion can be drawn out of this situation? Do we really live in a democracy? Does our “Democracy” provide effective remedies to the minorities? Or are minorities that thick loaf of bread which is left unattended while rest of the loaf is taken?

Image Courtesy: DNA


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