How can PM Modi compare his links with industrialists to those of Mahatma Gandhi? Has PM Modi come to think of himself as the “father of our nation”?

    Everyone agrees that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a master of twisting any type of political remark made against him, into his own favor. However, it was very immature an act to compare Mahatma Gandhi’s friendship with respected businessman, GD Birla, during his fight for freedom.

    Speaking on this, Modi said, pointing to former SP leader Amar Singh sitting in the audience, “Ask Amar Singh, they will tell you about dealings of businessmen and politicians.” Amar Singh smiled after taking the name of the prime minister.

    Ironically, Amar Singh has been known as a ‘dealer’ in his active days and has been known as a close aide of Anil Ambani.

    Anil Ambani is in the news owing to the Rafael controversy at this time. The opposition and the media are seeking answers to many questions related to Rafael and many analysts believe that the Modi government is not fully transparent about this deal.

    Indeed, Modi had said in an answer to the direct attack on Rahul Gandhi by the businessmen about the “open and transparent” relationship. In March 2015, Rahul had questioned the referendum on the Rafael deal on his visit to France in March 2015.

    Rahul made the first attack in the speech during the non-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, after which he made many statements, tweeted, indicating that due to his close relationship with Anil Ambani, the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) ) Was removed from the Raphael deal

    The reason for Modi’s harsh reaction in Lucknow is that the Prime Minister has been personally targetted for the first time in the deal for the re-sale of the Rafael deal. However, there are many weaknesses in this deal and there are many questions to be answered about this deal.

    For instance, the Anil Ambani Group has formally announced that they have acquired offset contracts worth Rs 30,000 crore, for which the work of offset manufacturing has begun in Nagpur, but the Ministry of Defense has directly permitted this offset manufacturing And there is no official record / document schedule.

    The last statement by Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was given in February 2018, where she had said that no decision has been taken regarding offset on the Rafael contract.

    Modi In Lucknow Narendra Modi Twitter

    I.e. after purchasing 36 Rafael Fighter jets, there is a complete lack of transparency regarding the opportunity of the country’s first largest domestic offset manufacturing, found in ‘Make in India’.

    There is no clarity about the fact that the rules of secrecy clauses have been complied with the price of the aircraft, as the formal announcement of the price of the deal itself has been announced by Reliance Defense last year itself.

    It is very clear that there are no such ethics and transparency in the Rafael deal, as was the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and GD Birla. In fact, we are living in a time of aggressive capitalism, where basal knowledge influenced by treachery and non-transparency in politics and regulatory systems has spread.

    For instance, did Gandhi support such a political funding system, where anonymous election bonds were issued by hiding the names of those who give donations, including big businessmen? Non-transparency is being brought in the legal institutional system.

    Did Gandhiji ever use government machinery spread communal hatred and violence to remove people for any mining project in Bidla? Rather than using this thing as a counterattack, the Prime Minister needs to think deeply on this.

    Gandhi used to talk of an India where one can speak the truth and critique the other without any fear, not the India where government sponsors lynching of Journalists and RTI Activists.