Calling All Humans To Attention as Syria Bleeds by its Eyes

    From One Human to Another:

    It scares me, it hurts me, it pinches my soul, I’m comfortable at home, I can’t do anything to help these children in Syria, who have heard more bullet shelling sounds than nursery rhymes, some might not even know what ‘school’ means.

    Watching the program “Witness” on AlJazeera I’m washed down to my childhood memories of carefree days just opposite to what these children in Syria experience. I’m in fact ashamed to be able to do nothing but share this piece with my readers.

    More than 1.2 Million people have fled the Eastern city of Aleppo, more than 21,000 refugees have been taken in by Iran’s city of Duhok.

    As one might see images over news websites of Syrian land, one can only view bodies dead and alive entwined with rubble. I apologize over my usage of the word body as the faces I see of these people alive are almost dead, waiting for death to engulf them and free them of this pain, suffering and agony they face every day, when their children die, their women abducted and raped, their men never returning home.

    Syria looks like a graveyard presently, with souls dragging themselves to nearest rescue where evacuation is promised but never undertaken. Trucks reach to pick the beaten citizens, carrying only some 25 out of 4.5 million in a go. What is this?

    Helicopters reach base for help and crash land into the graveyard of bloody geopolitics and land monopoly.

    Many of us during our school years have learnt about United Nations, what it is, what it does, what it is currently trying to do, what it is not taking a hand at. Blinding eyes at Aleppo, is United Nations attempt of pushing Syria out of the circle of brotherhood they promote.

    This circle of brotherhood begins with geopolitical gains and end at oil finances.

    This piece is to urge those of you who still haven’t felt the goosebumps after seeing Syrian hospitals bombed, newborns dying in the cloth they were given birth in and at last the murder of humanity by humans themselves.

    With Syrians in eastern Aleppo sharing their “final goodbye” messages as government forces close in on the ever-shrinking rebel-held enclave, as thousands of civilians remain trapped amid what has been described by a UN spokesman as a “complete meltdown of humanity.”

    “This may be my last video. More than 50,000 civilians who rebelled against the dictator [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad are threatened with field executions or are dying under bombing,” Lina Shamy, an activist in eastern Aleppo, said in a video shared on Twitter.
    I’m feeling the pain too, my heart is aching for all of you, I pray that all of you fighters survive the dictator, I will not let you say goodbye, because each of you all is as precious to me as my own sibling, each of you all is my fellow human, my family.


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