Book Review: Raisha Lalwani’s “The Diary on the Fifth Floor” deals with the emotional reality of human life

    “The Diary on the Fifth Floor” by Raisha Lalwani is a book that is closely related to the emotional reality of human beings. The story is of a girl who is facing an emotional crisis. It begins with the protaganist girl meeting wih a psychiatrist. Neha Sharma of Sahitya Duniya writes in her review that she was a kind of afraid in giving her personal diary to the psychiatrist. It was because of the fact that she thinks that many of her secrets will be revealed to another person.

    Neha says that Raisha Lalwani’s book contains many small stories that combined to make a big story as well. It is Raisha’s first book and hence we can sense freshness in it but it is a mature book also. Many readers have expressed her thought about the book on Amazon as well.

    Ruchi writes about the book,”Blurb- The story begins with a girl that is our protagonist went to meet a psychiatrist. She had booked the appointment named Savannah Khanna. She was the last appointed patient of Dr. Rama Berry for the day. Receptionist gave a questionnaire to fill up and the girl filled her name Sairah Khanna. Doctor asked about it so she replied she has come behalf of Savannah and she handed doctor the diary to read. Read the book to unfold further plot.” She finds the book as a page turner. Devanshi Sanghini writes in her Amazon review that the book is good but it seldom states the reality of life. Another user Camelia is praising the book with open heart. She describes the book as one of a kind.