Azadi Kooch ”Una Chalo” rally of Dalits getting huge response in Gujrat Villages

Una Chalo Call is drwaing huge response in Gujarat and Maharashtra


Times Headline 9th Aug’2016

The continuous violence against Dalits have agitated them on ground and recent spade of beating and killing have given rise to a new movement in the community. At many places in Gujarat and Maharahstra they have vowed not to work as scavanger and not to lift animal carcasses. The divide is clear between upper caste and Dalits.
Leaders are up in arms against atrocities of upper caste and this time anger is converting into a real movement on ground.


Una Chalo call given by various Dalit groups is getting huge response in villages and in towns. Men , Women and Children are coming on roads to show solidarity with their Dalits victims.


It would not be irrelevant here to mention that their spark has forced even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS to give very fierce statement in favor of Dalits and against alleged Cow protectors. The community is also getting support from Muslim minority in many areas of Gujarat which has forced to change BJP and RSS their strategy