Attack on Syria is an attack on humanity- Mufti Ashfaq

India’s biggest Sufi Ulaama organization responded responded to the attack on Syria and its fellow countries, described it as an attack on humanity. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, founder president of Tanjim Ulama A. Islam, said that it would be answered a lot.

In a conversation with reporters, he said that white helmets lied to the whole world that a chemical attack in Syria is done by Assad. He said that it was White Helmets who done a chemical attack which is working for Al Nusra. Iraq and Libya have raged by fabricating this kind of fake story. Mufti said that India’s largest Sufi Ulema Organization will oppose this attack on Syria and will boycott American, Israeli, England and French products.
While praising Russia’s role in this whole event, He said that Russia is the leader of world power and peace. Mufti said that Europe and America have always been doing politics to ruin, rob and destroy Asia and Africa, and as an Asian power, Russia is helping not Syria but entire continent. All Asian countries, including India, should come together and give good reply to American, Israeli, English and French forces.

It is to note that on April 14, the United States has fired more than 100 missiles on Syria’s capital Damascus which was adequately answered by Russian forces. Earlier in the US, the Embassy of Russia in the United States has blamed the USA, England and France for any global war that is provoked Syria. It said this in a statement issued on Twitter.

Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri, chief of Tanjim Ulama E Islam, said that the war on Syria is imposed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel. All these countries together with the American Quartet created fake evidence. He alleged that the United Nations has always bowed down for this quartet and has helped in invading the world. Mufti reminded that in the same way in 2003, the then US Defense Secretary Colin Powell and George Bush has wrecked Iraq in a similar manner of massacre weaponry.

The organization said that along with the American President Donald Trump, England and France also want to ruin Syria in the pressure and greed of the arms lobby and the Zionist. It wished Syrian victory, with confidence in Russia and its President Vladimir Putin along with the Syrian government and the military. He has appealed to all supporters to boycott American, Israeli, English and French products.