Around 81 Thousand Muslims in jails across India Govt to Rajya Sabha

Today the government presented the latest data of Muslims in prison across the country in Rajya Sabha.

According to the government around 81,000 Muslims were lodged in jails.
Responding to a question about the details of “innocent” Muslims languishing in various jails, Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Gangaram Ahir said, “Only convicts, under trials and detentes are lodged in jails.
The National Crime Records Bureau data shows that 81,306 Muslim inmates were lodged in jails at the end of 2015.”
On a query over mechanism being worked out to avoid “harassment” of Muslims, he said the question of “harassment” does not arise in view of “in the view of above”.
However the experts says that since the right-wing government came into power, they are releasing all the saffron terrorists accuse on bails and are clearing the record. While Muslims are being targeted and are left to rot in Jails.