American Actress Lindsay Lohan accepts Islam?

Lindsay Lohan is seen wearing Hijab in many photos and videos. After a rumour has been circulating that she has converted to Islam. According to a report published in the British newspaper Independent, these news have gained momentum after he fashion week photos.

Lindsay Lohan came to the ramp wearing hijab for the “Haute Elan” brand participating in London Fashion Week last year. Responding to a question asked about the hijab on the first ramp, Lindsay Lohan said that it is not necessary that the fashion week be celebrated always by staying naked.

While wearing hijab, she shared his live video on Instagram. Even before this, the Qur’an was in hand with the same way on the exit. American actress Angelina Jolie has also appeared in the hijab several times. Lindsay Lohan raised this step at a time when the western countries are in the process of making laws against the hijab and ending it.