Villains are disappearing in modern cinema, says Shakti Kapoor


There was a time in Bollywood when the villain’s character was given special emphasis, but the scenario is changed now.

Actor Shakti Kapoor says villains are disappearing from modern cinema.

The actor, who has portrayed several negative characters, expressed his thoughts when he became part of TV show High fever… Dance ka Naya Tevar. He joined the And TV show with Gulshan Grover, read a statement to IANS.

In the episode, they enacted a romantic sequence.

“Bollywood has always been adamant on creating a unique experience for a villain’s character, but a romantic sequence by a villain can only happen in the modern times,” Shakti said.

“As the trend is changing, and the villains are disappearing in this modern cinema, an actor has to be very versatile and good with every role,” he added.

Agreeing with his thoughts Gulshan said, “Cinema has taken acting to a whole new level, we don’t see anyone playing a dedicated role of a villain in modern movies. So, keeping the changing trend in mind, the actors have to be good and engrossed with all the roles.”
Source: Hindustan Times


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