When Salman Khan Proposed Marriage To Juhi Chawla But Was REJECTED


One of the most intriguing questions that can be posed about one of the favourite celebs of Bollywood, Bhaijaan Salman Khan, is “Bhai Ki Shaadi Kab Hogi”.

The entire nation is intrigued and quite eager to know when the 52 year old will finally be tying the knot. As the nation waits eagerly for this question to be answered someday, an old video of the actor surfaced on the internet and is doing the rounds. In this video, Salman Khan says that he wanted to MARRY, wait for it, Juhi Chawla!

Are you as shocked as we are? Well, the video seems to be around the time of release of Andaz Apna Apna as Salman Khan calls himself Aamir. In a host of questions, the interviewer suddenly asks him about Juhi Chawla. He smiles and says,


“Juhi is very sweet, adorable girl. I toh asked her father if he would let her get married to me!”

When asked about what her father said, he shrugged and said he said no because he doesn’t “fit the bill”!

Well, the way Salman said it, you would not know if he was serious or just being sarcastic or serious. Well, Salman and Juhi have shared screen space very less.


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