Saif Ali Khan Gets Notice From Bulgarian Govt For Wild Boar Hunting


Saif Ali Khan has been sent a notice by the Government of Bulgaria through the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in the Wild Boar Hunting case and has asked the Mumbai police to record his statements. The Interpol states that Saif Ali Khan is a witness in the Wild Boar Hunting case back in Bulgaria. It is reported that as soon as the Mumbai police received the orders, they recorded Saif Ali Khan’s statements about the issue.

As per a leading daily, an agent from Bulgaria arranged a wild boar hunt but had not taken prior permission from the Bulgarian Government and did not have an official licence to organise the hunt. As per the hunting law in Bulgaria, it is illegal for a visitor to hunt in the country without passing the hunting test. Only after passing the hunting test will the visitor be given a hunting licence. Hunting can still be allowed in Bulgaria if the visitor has a hunting licence from his own country.

A source opened up by saying, “The actor is a witness in a hunting case probed by the Bulgarian police. After the communication from the Interpol was received, the crime branch, Bandra unit, was asked to record the actor’s statement.”

The source further commented, “A team of the Mumbai Crime Branch sleuths from the unit visited the actor’s suburban residence and recorded his statement. The agent has been booked for organising a hunt without the requisite permits and licence. The Interpol has sought details on the case from the actor.”

Also, back home in India, hunting of wild animals has been banned under the Wildlife Protection Act. Saif Ali Khan was acquitted from the Blackbuck Poaching case a few months ago and the case went on for 19 years straight.

Source: Filmi Beat


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