‘Padmavat’ Violence: Now, petrol bombs thrown at a cinema hall in UP


Muzaffar Nagar: Protest against ‘Padmavat’ is still on. Though the movie is released and it is performing very well at the box office but reports of violence are also coming in. In a recent violent attack at a cinema hall, Two petrol bombs were allegedly hurled in Muzaffar Nagar on Sunday. During the screening of the film two bombs were thrown which failed explode. The bombs, lobbed at Shyam Cinema Hall did no damage because of it’s failure to explode but it did create a terror in the minds of common human being.

The cinema had started screening of the film from Sunday itself, according to reports.After the incident, heavy police was deployed at the spot. So far, police have refused to comment on the incident. This is second such incident in as many days.

A petrol bomb was allegedly hurled at a cinema hall in Kalyan city of Thane district on Saturday. Luckily, it also failed to explode. The movie has faced multiple violent protests in different states. Most of these states are ruled by BJP. In Gurugram, a school bus with little kids was attacked. This attack on school bus shook the country.