“No one can do justice to Sanjay Dutt’s part” – Salman Khan


Bollywood’s Bhaijaan, the one who rules over the hearts of men and women alike has been the closest friend of Sanjay Dutt since their initial days in the industry.

People in B-town swear by their friendship. Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have always stood by each other in times of smooth sails as well as rough ones. The comic timing and effortless camaraderie is something the audience also loves.

With Sanjay Dutt’s biopic titled Sanju nearing its release, Salman Khan was recently questioned about his views on his biopic, to which the actor said, “For the movie Sanju, I thought why did somebody else play his part.

No one can do justice to that. The last bit of the film, Sanju only should have played it himself. The last portion of the last eight to ten years, Sanju only should have done it.”

Jim Sarabh will reportedly be playing the role of Salman Khan in Sanju. We are excited to watch their friendship unfold on the big screen. We’re sure you are too.

Source: Film Fare


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