The country was burnt by Jats and then by Rajpoots but anti-nationals are Muslims?: Ajaz Khan


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmavat’ is one of the most controversial films of Bollywood.Many Rajpoot organizations, including the Karani army, are constantly opposing the film. And the protest has taken a violent turn. For the past one week, some goons have capture the streets of peaceful cities to ‘terrorise’ common human beings. Vehicles are burnt, buses and multiplexes have faced violence. This is the reason why cinema owners in around 4 states refused to release the film.

Despite all this, the film was released on 25 January. But Karni Sena continued it’s violent protests. Most of these protest held in BJP ruled states. Opposition parties alleged that BJP is hand in glove with the Karni Sena.

Actor Ajaz Khan looked angry on these violent protests. He said that while bad things are done by others, Muslims are being labelled as ‘anti-nationals’.He tweeted that first, it was Jat who burn the country, then it was Ram-Raheem Bhakts and now Rajpoot are burning it..but anti-nationals are Muslims.. bhakto Jaago.

Earlier in the day, Gurugram Karni Sena chief Thakur Kushalpal was detained on ‘Padmavat’ protests. He was detained because of the violence in the protest of Padmavat. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted to investigate the matter, read an official statement. In a statement, Gurugram police said,”24 miscreants were arrested in eight criminal cases and 14 miscreants were detained under section 107/151 CrPC as a preventive measure”.