Blue Whale, a dangerous game.


Blue Whale is a challenging game in which you are said to challenge your life. It is a game in which you are given some bizarre tasks that you have to complete, in each task you are asked for the proof.

This game has 50 stages that means one who plays this game has to go through 50 tasks and the final stage of this deadly game leads one to commit suicide.

Many people were not aware about this deadly game but now due to some deaths that have taken place recently people want to know more about this game and one should really know and try to aware others so to stop people mostly youths from playing this deadly game which encourages one to commit suicide.


Mostly the children who are handed mobile phones by their parents keep playing online games and become victims of this game. And other reason can be stress because in some cases both parents are working so they leave their children alone that can also be the reason that these children want someone to listen to them and that is what this game does it  first asks you some questions so to understand your mindset.

Some of the tasks that one has to complete are, self-harm, watching horror movies that too at unusual hours but then it gets intense with every task.

This deadly game is spreading like a virus till now 130 deaths have been linked to Blue Whale challenge in Russia and now some deaths were reported in India as well.

Some days back a 13 year old tried to attempt a suicide to complete Blue Whale challange by trying to jump off the third floor of his school building in Indore but some students disrupted his attempt and later he revealed that he was playing this deadly game on his father’s cell phone.

In Bengal a 15 year old committed suicide his friends said he was playing the “Blue Whale” game this was the 3rd incident regarding the Blue Whale challenge in India. A teen from Mumbai also jumped to death in July 2017 due to this challenge.


Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has also urged the Prime Minister to ban this online deadly game in the country “to save precious lives.”

Now government has also asked Google, Facebook, whats-app and others to remove links of “Blue Whale” game.

Popularity of this game is increasing especially among youths but is it right to give so much freedom to your kids that they can use Internet as they wish to. Parents need to talk to their children often and keep them away from smartphones as smartphones are not so smart for your children. Kids are most delicate creatures that need care and love from their parents.


“Freedom is loved by all but respected by few.”

By Hanain Sikander Wani – Credit Voice of Wadi


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