Ali Zafar files Rs 100 crore defamation suit against Meesha Shafi


Earlier this year, Pakistani actor-singer Meesha Shafi shockingly accused Ali Zafar of subjecting her to “sexual harassment of a physical nature”. Now, Ali has filed a defamation suit against Meesha in a district court in Lahore.

In his notice, Ali has said that Meesha caused “tremendous injury” to his “reputation, goodwill, livelihood” through “false, slanderous and defamatory” allegations.

Ali has claimed damages of Rs 100 crore from Meesha – Rs 2 crore for mental torture, Rs 8 crore for loss of contacts, Rs 50 crore for loss of reputation/goodwill and Rs 40 crore for loss of business opportunities.

Meesha had claimed in an interview that Ali behaved inappropriately with her on two occasions. She said that when it happened the first time, she “didn’t react and just left”. She also told her husband to not do anything about it, as she and Ali were both public figures.

The second incident, she claimed, happened in a jam room. “I was jamming with my band in Lahore and the organisers insisted that he was trying to get in touch. It started turning into a thing, and I was being seen as difficult or a diva, I got such feelers. I was avoiding him. I was asked to jam, figure out songs, scale and it happened while we were jamming,” Meesha said.

Ali, on his part, had categorically denied all claims of sexual harassmentby Meesha. “I intend to take this through the courts of law and to address this professionally and seriously rather than to lodge any allegations here,” he had said in a statement.

Source: India Today


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