Turkey honours Allama Iqbal for his contributions to Islam

KONYA: Allama Muhammed Iqbal and his words of wisdom and pearls of preponderance continue to form part of the most enduring bonds between the Turkish and Indian subcontinent.

Recently, Turkey honoured Allama Muhammad Iqbal with the Dost Award in recognition of his services for Islam. The award was received by Allama Iqbal’s grandson, Walid Iqbal, from the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism Nabi Avci in a ceremony held in Konya, Turkey.

“Through this award, we honour the late Mohammad Iqbal for his contributions to the cause of Muslim political thought, which still inspires people in the entire world,” said Avci. Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Sohail Mahmood highlighted the depth of love, affection and respect among Turkish people and leadership for Iqbal.